Le Mans 24Hour 2019 at Hotel de France

This year again, Le Mans 24Hour’s mood was trully there at Hotel de France.
As every year, a lot of beautiful cars paraded on the main square of La Chartre sur le Loir, nice Aston Martin were seen there, as well as Ferrari, MacLaren, Corvette, Porsche, Ford GT, Lamborghini… What is attractive for the locals who come every year to see the cars with stars in their eyes. The ambiance was as great in the bar with the beer flowing like water, and where you can admire the wall of fame with all the history of the hotel.
We also house motoring events : last year for exemple, the hotel received great guests such as the famous football player Andy Cole for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Gulf Oil International victory at Le Mans.
This year, we received Aston Martin Cambridge club who had a champagne reception on our private terrace, bringing with them the victorious DBR1 car who won 1959 edition of Le Mans 24Hour and celebrating the launch of the new car DBS 59, also with a dinner in our « salle des pilotes ».
To sum up, Hotel de France is THE place to be for motorsport lovers who wish to re-discover Le Mans 24Hour backstages mood.